Jambalaya Cooking Contest Rules:

  1. Cooks must have won a jambalaya championship in the Boucherie Festival.
  2. Assistants must be 18 years or older (although we may allow exceptions).
  3. The cook and assistant will be the only people allowed in the immediate cooking area. Anyone else in the cooking area without permission of the Boucherie Festival Association will disqualify the contestant. (No return of entry fee).
  4. Cooks are to furnish all cooking utensils: knife, cutting board, pot, burner, fuel, table, etc. Jambalaya is to be cooked over a propane burner only.
  5. No Kitchen Bouquet, bouillon cubes, pork bases, chicken stock or powders allowed. You may, however, bring your own seasonings (LeBlanc’s, Tony’s, Slap ‘Yo Mama) or salt, pepper and garlic. It is suggested you bring your own water also.
  6. No sampling of jambalaya by the public will be allowed during the contest.
  7. Cooking heats will be four hours. Contestants will be provided a hinged Styrofoam plate with a double sided ticket attached to the bottom and an aluminum pan(s). These will both be turned in immediately at end of cooking heat.  You must tear off and keep your half of the ticket in a safe place until winners are announced.   The cooks and assistants must bring the sample (Styrofoam) plate and the pan(s) of jambalaya to the designated area at the end of the cooking heat.
  8. The jambalaya becomes property of the Boucherie Festival when heat is finished.
  9. The champion will receive a trophy and bragging rights!

It is your responsibility to keep the cooking area clean for the next heat.

The Boucherie Festival provides the following ingredients:

*7 lbs of pork *5 lbs of onions *1 small bottle of cooking oil

*3 lbs of sausage *5 lbs of rice *Bell Pepper and celery will be provided upon request