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2022 Boucherie Cookoff Champions

Congratulations to our 2022 Champions!
  • 2022 Cracklin Champion-- Joey Cornett
  • 2022 Jambalaya Champion-- Hoss Reine
  • 2022 Cracklin Champ of Champs-- Koby Thacker
  • 2022 Jambalaya Champ of Champs-- Justin Courville


Since 1981, there has been a "Cracklin Cooking Contest" to name the "Cracklin Cooking Champion". This champion represents Sorrento at various functions throughout the year. In 1987, a "Champion of Champions Cooking Contest" began. This contest has former Cracklin Cooking Champions competing against each other for the prestigious title. In 1995, a "Jambalaya Cooking Contest" began and the "Jambalaya Champion of Champions" followed a few years later.

Past Contest Champions

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